Aqua Shield HD

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Aqua Shield HD is a non-toxic commercial grade highly engineered sealer made for professional and DIY customers. Aqua Shield HD has been formulated and stress tested to outperform many sealers on the market today. It has been used by professional paving sealing contractors and developed in association with Industrial chemists. This means you get a sealer with a proven track record. You don’t have to worry about performance, or any problems associated with other sealers. Click here for our Quick Facts Sheet

Multi Surface Sealer Work All Year Round

Aqua Shield HD is a penetrating, high performance, stain resistant sealer that is suitable for a wide variety of porous masonry surfaces. Aqua Shield HD is highly durable, transparent, UV resistant and greatly increases the ease of surface cleaning. It will not blister, crack, wear or fade. Aqua Shield HD has been developed to be compatible with application to wet and damp substrates and suffers no detriment to adhesion and performance. In comparison, the majority of film forming acrylic sealer failures are attributed to application to substrates that contain inherent moisture – with the rectification being labour and cost intensive.

Aqua Shield HD The Perfect Paving Sealer

Aqua Shield HD can be applied to natural and reconstituted stone including granite, limestone and travertine, concrete pavers, concrete slabs, clay brick and pavers, unglazed tile and grout. This unique paving sealer has been designed, developed and manufactured in Western Australia, by highly experienced industrial chemists.

Aqua Shield HD is formulated using industry leading Fluoro polymer materials and offers superior stain resistance against oil and water-based stains. It is exceptionally durable compared with traditional film forming acrylic sealers. Aqua Shield HD has been shown to offer exceptional resistance to common staining substances, including used engine oil, coffee, vinegar and wine.

Benefits of Aqua Shield HD

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Quick Facts Sheet

Quick Facts Sheet

Developed by
Environmentally Conscious
Industrial Chemists
Perfected by
Professional Contractors

Sealers are designed to offer resistance to water and/or oil based stains. Under certain conditions however, all sealers will fail. These conditions are always related to the type of stain and the duration of exposure of the stain on the substrate. Aqua Shield HD is a superior quality penetrating sealer which offers one of the highest stain resistant protection capabilities available. It is designed with the latest technology to bond with substrate capillary surfaces providing a protective barrier to oil and water-based stains.

The capillaries of the substrate remains open, which allows the substrate to breathe which in turn avoids many of the common problems associated with other sealers…flaking, bubbling, peeling, delaminating and poor bonding to substrates.

it’s important that any stains are cleaned off immediately, as prolonged contact increases the likelihood of permanent staining.

Aqua Shield HD

Aqua Shield HD a Non Toxic Water-Based commercial grade sealer, its packed with benefits and takes away the fear & uncertainty that comes from a multitude of problems associated with many sealers on the market today. It’s been stress tested by professionals and gives you peace of mind.

Product Features

  • Will not crack, fade, peel, delaminate, become patchy, yellow over time or show wear marks. Common problems with many other sealers
  • Only one flood coat application, finish jobs faster and less inconvenience to customers
  • No time consuming build up or clogging of equipment, just rinse with water
  • Optimal protection for porous surfaces such as terracotta & Liquid Limestone
  • Quick dry formula.
  • Deep penetrating and impregnating.
  • Can be applied while surface is still damp.
  • Anti-Bacterial Protection
  • Enhanced water, oil and stain protection technology.
  • Uses advanced fluoro-bond technology.
  • Efflorescence, salt attack and stain protection
  • Water based, Non-Flammable, Odorless, No toxic fumes.
  • Protects stone, concrete, Terracotta, unglazed tiles, pavers & other natural stone against water damage & staining.
  • Provides superior stain resistance against contaminants such as oil, grease, graffiti, coffee and wine.
  • Does not alter the coefficients of friction or slip factor.
  • Enables easier removal of dirt, food, beverage, oil and grease stains.
  • Assists in eliminating the occurrence of efflorescence.
  • Reduces moss, mould and algae growth.
  • Reduces corrosion attack on steel reinforcing.
  • Stone retains a natural look
  • Will not etch, alter or discolour the natural look.
  • Highly breathable, allowing water vapour to escape.
  • Alkali resistant, food safe.
  • Provides a salt barrier, ideal around salt water pools or marinas.
  • Non-Film forming means it will never peel or flake.


Aqua Shield HD works using advanced fluorine chemistry and Nano technology which reacts with the surface pores, leaving an invisible, breathable, protective barrier against staining as well as water and oil-based containments. Aqua Shield HD is fast curing sealer, ideal both indoors and outdoors, on natural stone, tile and grout surfaces, with zero unpleasant odours or flammability problems.

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